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McCall's death

Mark Wahlberg after in Fear

Mark Wahlberg (1971 -)

a.k.a. Marky Mark

Former lead singer of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

Film Deaths[]

  • Fear (1996) [David McCall]: Thrown out of a window to his death by William L. Petersen, on top of having been stabbed in the back by Reese Witherspoon.
  • The Perfect Storm (2000) [Bobby Shatford]: Drowns (off-screen) after being stranded in the ocean after the boat sinks; we see the rapidly rising swell carry him away.
  • Lone Survivor (2013) [Navy Hospital Corpsman Marcus Luttrell]: Temporarily clinically dead after he goes into cardiac arrest while undergoing medical surgery for his bullet and shrapnel-related injuries at the end of the film. It's revealed that Mark was revived after the ending scene.
  • Mojave (2015) [Norman Davenport]: Beaten to death (off-screen) by Oscar Isaac. We only see Oscar preparing to attack Mark, and we learn of the news from the authorities afterwards.
  • Good Joe Bell (2020) [Joe Bell]: Accidentally run over and killed by a truck driver (off-screen) who fell asleep and he was walking on the highway and hit him.
  • Infinite (2021) [Evan McCauley]: Falls from the plane and Broken bones to death, but is reincarnated as Gilbert Aguirre.
  • Father Stu (2022) [Stuart Long]: Dies (off-screen) from complications of inclusion body myositis. His death is mentioned in the on-screen text at the end of the movie.

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