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Mark Pellegrino in Spartan

Mark Pellegrino (1965 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Night Life (1989) [Allen Patumbo]: Killed (along with his friends) in a head on car crash with a tanker, he later comes back as a zombie and is finally destroyed after falling off a bridge onto live power lines and transformer following a collision with a train while trying to run down Scott Grimes.
  • Blood and Concrete (1991) [Bart]: Shot and killed by Billy Zane during a running chase in the cemetery.
  • Prayer of the Rollerboys (1991) [Bango] Gunned down by two corrupt cops. 
  • Trouble Bound (1993) [Deputy Roy]: Shot/stabbed to death by mobsters.
  • Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel (2000) [Tripper]: Dies of a drug overdose in an empty bathtub.
  • Ronnie (2002) [Keith Schwann]: Head crushed on the pavement, as a car runs over it.
  • Capote (2005) [Dick Hickock]: Executed by hanging. (Thanks to Stephen)
  • Bad Meat (2011) [Doug Kendrew]: Killed in a struggle/shootout with one of the surviving delinquents or mutant guards.

TV Deaths[]

  •  Knight Rider 2010 (1994) [Robert Lee]: Crushed driving his car when a truck rolls him over during a chase.
  • Marker (1995) [Chuck Calder]: beaten to death with a baseball bat.
  • The Sentinel: Out of the Past (1996) [Ray Weston]: Electrocuted during a fight against Richard Burgi.
  • Locke & Key (2011, TV movie) [Rendell Locke]: Killed by Harrison Thomas.
  • Game changer (short) (2013) [Bruce]: Trachea crushed during a fight against Eugenia Kuzmina.
  • Being Human: Too Far, Fast-Forward! (2014) [James Bishop]: Infected by the Virus.
  • Quantico: Yes (2016) [Clayton Haas]: Died in the bombing at the Command Center (off-screen).

Video Game Deaths[]

  • Far Cry 5 (2018) [Jacob Seed]: Shot by Julian Bailey. He dies shortly afterwards after talking to Bailey.

Noteworthy Connections[]

  • Husband of Tracy Aziz
  • Stepfather of Tess Aziz