Mark Margolis in Scarface

Mark Margolis (1939 - )

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Pi (1998) [Sol Robeson]: Dies of a stroke while trying to discover the mathematical secret of the universe.
  • Noah (2014) [Magog]: Providing the voice of an angel rock monster, he is destroyed when his chest is pierced by the human attackers; his spirit then flies into the heavens.
  • The Abandoned (2015) [Jim]: Back broken by one of the ghost children. His body is shown later on when Louisa Krause discovers it. This turns out to be a dream Louisa is having; he survives the film in reality.

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Crime Story: Robbery, Armed (1987): Died shortly after being shot by Dennis Farina. He was able to converse briefly with Farina before his death. 

Notable Connections[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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