Mark Lindsay Chapman in American Gothic

Mark Lindsay Chapman (1954 - )

Not to be confused with murderer Mark David Chapman

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • American Gothic (Hide and Shriek) (1988) [Rob]: Falls over a cliff when Janet Wright pushes him in a swing and Michael J. Pollard cuts the rope. His body is shown afterwards when Sarah Torgov discovers him on the rocks below, and is shown again later on when the family shows Sarah all the bodies hanging in the basement. (Thanks to Binky)
  • Chapter 27 (2007) [John Lennon]: Shot to death by Jared Leto outside the Dakota Apartment complex. (Ironically Mark had been fired from playing John in a 1985 TV film "John and Yoko: A Love Story" because of the similarity of his name with Lennon's murderer Mark David Chapman).

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • The Langoliers (1995 miniseries) [Nick Hopewell]: Disintegrated by the time-rift (which kills anyone who is conscious) when he sacrifices himself by flying the plane back through it while the others are unconscious.

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