Mark Camacho in Stiletto Dance

Mark Camacho (1964 - )

Film Deaths: Edit

  • Stiletto Dance (2001) [Rick Tucci]: Shot in the chest during a shoot-out between two gangs.

Television Deaths: Edit

  • 10.5: Apocalypse (TV 2006) [Russ the Poker Player]: Crushed when concreate collapses on him, when he opens a door without thinking of unawareness.
  • Infected (2008; TV movie) [Craig Braddock]: Shot and killed by the bald creature, which Camacho later also temporarily kills with a gunshot prior to it respawning. Gil Bellows briefly observes his body.
  • Winx Club: Ice and Fire (2009; animated) [Gantlos]: Falls into a deep crevice after being frozen by Angela Galluppo (Bloom), Jennifer Seguin (Stella), Holly Gauthier Frankel (Flora), Anik Matern (Musa), Jodie Resther (Tecna), Lucinda Davis (Layla), Sarah Camacho (Roxy), and Susan Glover (Nebula) with a Convergence spell. Given what happened to a bird in the Omega Dimension, it is presumed that he shattered to pieces as soon as he hit the bottom of the crevice (which is too deep to be seen).
  • A Nanny's Revenge (2012; TV movie) [Tony Di Salvo]: Dies in a hospital of a broken neck caused by a fall.
  • Between: School's Out (2015) [Dr. Evans]: Dies (off-screen) from the virus that killed the adult population in town. His body is shown when his nephew (Jesse Carere) goes to the doctors office and finds him dead.

Video Game Death:Edit

  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (2010) [Valentin Lesovsky]: Has his throat crushed by either Edward Yankie or Alex Ivanovici after being interrogated.

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