Marion Cotillard in The Dark Knight Rises

Marion Cotillard (1975 - )

Film Deaths:[edit | edit source]

  • Pretty Things (Les Jolies choses) (2001) [Marie/Lucie]: Playing a dual role as twin sisters, "Lucie" commits suicide by jumping out of a window. ("Marie" survives the movie.) (Thanks to GLC)
  • Love Me If You Dare (2003) [Sophie Kowalsky]: Commits suicide, along with Guillaume Canet, by allowing themselves to be buried in wet cement at a construction site. The scene cuts from them embracing in the cement to a scene showing elderly versions of them (Nathalie Nattier and Robert Willar) in a nursing home, then cuts back to the cement. It's left up to the viewer's interpretation as to which version of their fate is reality and which is fantasy. (Thanks to GLC)
  • Fair Play (2006) [Nicole]: Drowned during a canyoning expedition with office colleagues after she gets her foot stuck between rocks as the water level of the river keep rising up.
  • Public Enemies (2009) [Billie Frechette]: Dies (off-screen) in 1969. Her death is mentioned in the on-screen text at the end.
  • Inception (2010) [Mal Cobb]: Commits suicide by jumping from a ledge (believing she's trapped in a dream), as her husband (Leonardo DiCaprio) looks on in horror, a few years before the story begins; her death is shown in a flashback. She also dies in a number of dream worlds: she is shot by Leonardo after she shoots Cillian Murphy; she is shot by Ellen Page after she stabs Leonardo; and she and Leonardo commit suicide by laying on the track in front of an oncoming train in order to wake up. (Thanks to Tommy)

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