Marianne Faithfull in Girl on a Motorcycle (1). Marianne Faithfull dead in Girl on a Motorcycle (2).

Marianne Faithfull (1946 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Girl on a Motorcycle (1968) [Rebecca]: Killed in a motorcycle accident when she gets thrown from her bike and goes flying headfirst through the windshield of an oncoming car.
  • Hamlet (1969) [Ophelia]: Drowned (off-screen) in a river. Her body is not shown afterwards (the coffin is closed during the funeral scene).
  • Assault on Agathon (1975) [Helen Rochefort]: Killed (off-screen) by Dimitri Aronis; we see her body (covered up) being carried out from her hotel room on a stretcher. (Thanks to Robert)

Notable connectionsEdit

  • Ex-Girlfriend of Mick Jagger
  • Descendant of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (as in 'masochism').
  • Ex-Mrs. John Dunbar (prominent art gallery owner).
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