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Maria Rohm in Eugenie...The Story of Her Journey into Perversion

Maria Rohm (1945 - 2018)

Film Deaths []

  • Eugenie...The Story of Her Journey into Perversion (other alternate titles) (1969) [Madame de St. Ange]: Stabbed in the chest with fireplace tongs by Marie Liljedahl, after first being chocked into unconsciousness with a chain (At the end, the movie shifts back to maria in her bedroom, replaying a scene from the beginning, indicating that everything that happened was Maria's fantasy, with the implication that it will come true) (Nudity Alert: Full Frontal)
  • Venus in Furs (Paroxismus; Black Angel) (1969) [Wanda Reed]: Stabbed in the chest by Klaus Kinski. Her body is found on the beach by James Darren at the beginning of the movie and the actual murder is eventually shown in a later flashback. she keeps reappearing as both a ghost and as a corpse throughout the entire movie. (Nudity Alert: Topless)
  • Call of the Wild (1972) [Mercedes]: Drowned/frozen to death when she falls through the ice while crossing a frozen lake. (Thanks to Johan)
  • And Then There Were None (Ten little Indians) (1974) [Elsa Martino]: Strangled from behind by Richard Attenborough after she leans back against a pillar. (Thanks to Portsguy)

Noteworthy Connections:[]

  • Mrs. Harry Alan Towers (Widowed)