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Maria Dizzia in The Blacklist: Lady Ambrosia

Maria Dizzia (1974 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • True Story (2015) [MaryJane Longo]: Strangled/Suffocated and/or smothered along with one of her daughters (Charlotte Driscoll/Stella Rae Payne) by her husband (James Franco), who snaps their necks before then stuffing both into a set of suitcases and dumps them into one of the Oregon's harbor waterways, her murder is briefly seen in flashbacks throughout the film. Her body is later seen several times during the film in police photographs.

Television Deaths[]

  • Fringe: The Cure (2008) [Emily Kramer]: Head explodes due to an experimental radiation treatment she'd been given, after the radiation she's inadvertently projecting kills everyone else in the diner around her.