Maria Conchita Alonso in The Running Man

Maria Conchita Alonso (1957 - )

aka. Maria Concepcion Alonso Bustillo

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Fear City (Border; Ripper) (1984) [Silver]: Killed off-screen (exact method unknown) by the killer. It's been a long time since I've seen this movie, but as I recall, we only saw her entering her apartment when the killer was waiting inside; neither the murder nor the body was ever shown, but the implication was obvious.
  • The Running Man (1987) [Amber Mendez/Amber's Double]: Neck snapped by Jesse Ventura in the game-show arena, while Arnold Schwarzenegger looks on helplessly. Shortly afterwards, it's established that this victim was actually another woman digitally masked to look like Maria for the TV show.
  • Blackheart (1998) [Annette]: Stabbed in the back with a sword (with the blade emerging through her stomach) by Richard Grieco, while Maria is threatening Fiona Loewi. (Thanks to jack)

Television Deaths:Edit

  • Texas (1994) [Lucia]: Shot twice in the chest by Ricky Schroder after he she (non-fatally) shoots him in the stomach as he is trying to capture Benjamin Bratt . (Thanks to Brian)
  • Twice in a Lifetime: Expose (2000) [Kat Lopez/Gloria Rodriguez]: "Kat" is crushed to death in a dumpster while searching for material for a tabloid story; she is then sent back to Earth in the past as "Gloria" to correct her mistakes.
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