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Maria Bello (1967 - )

Maria Bello in The 5th Wave

Film Deaths:[]

  • Secret Window (2004) [Amy Rainey]: Hacked to death with a shovel by Johnny Depp outside his house; we only see Johnny bringing the shovel down. Her body is not shown in the actual film, but the DVD includes a deleted scene showing her body, along with Timothy Hutton's, buried in the garden. (Thanks to Amanda)
  • Assault on Precinct 13 (2005) [Alex Sabian]: Executed by shooting in the head by Gabriel Byrne, after she refuses to tell him how many others are in the police station. (Thanks to Tony, Robert, Michael, Cathal, and Tim)
  • The Dark (2005) [Adele]: Drowned when she goes into the ocean to rescue Sophie Stuckey; she appears as a ghost afterwards, though we are unaware of her ghostly nature until Sean Bean informs Sophie. (Thanks to Constantine)

TV Deaths:[]

None known.


  • Ex-Mrs. Clare Mann
  • Ex-Mrs. Dan MacDermott