Margo Harshman in From Within


Margo Harshman being doused with gasoline in From Within


Margo Harshman (bottom) burning with Adam Goldberg in From Within


Margo Harshman in Sorority Row


Margo Harshman with bottle shoved down her throat in Sorority Row


Margo Harshman with throat being slit in Sorority Row

Margo Harshman (1986 -)

Film Deaths Edit

  • Rise: Blood Hunter (2007) [Tricia Rawlins]: Throat slit and drained of blood (off-screen) by James D'Arcy; she later comes back to life as a vampire and is shot in the chest with a wooden crossbow bolt by Lucy Liu. (Thanks to Eric)
  • From Within (2008) [Sadie]: Burned to death after Adam Goldberg douses her with gasoline and sets her on fire.
  • Sorority Row (2009) [Chugs]: Throat slit by Julian Morris after he shoves a bottle of liquor down her throat. The camera cuts away right before the blade touches her throat. (Thanks to Kyle)
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