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Top: Margaret Field in The Twilight Zone: The New Exhibit
Bottom: Margaret Field dead in The Twilight Zone: The New Exhibit

Margaret Field (1922 - 2011)

a.k.a Maggie Mahoney

Film Deaths:[]

  • The Raiders (Riders Of Vengeance) (1952) [Mary Morrell]: Murdered offscreen by Hugh O'Brian, method unclear but when found there is no blood or obvious wound so he probably choked or strangled her. (Thanks to Brian)

TV Deaths:[]

  • The Westerner: School Days (1960) [Eleanor Larson]: Killed in the schoolhouse by one punch from James Anderson as she tries to fight him off as he is clearly going to sexually assault or rape her. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Twilight Zone: The New Exhibit (1963) [Emma Senescu]: Stabbed (off-camera) by David Bond in her basement, when she tries to unplug the air conditioner in order to destroy David and the other wax figures; we only see David's face during the stabbing. Her body is seen when her husband (Martin Balsam) discovers her.

Notable Connections:[]