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Mako Iwamatsu in The Sand Pebbles

Mako Iwamatsu (1933 - 2006)

a.k.a. Mako

Film Deaths[]

  • The Sand Pebbles (1966) [Po-han]: Shot in the chest by Steve McQueen, as a mercy killing while Mako is being tortured by Chinese nationalists.
  • The Challenge (1970) [Yuro]: Killed, along with Darren McGavin (though I don't know the details).
  • Under the Rainbow (1981) [Nakomuri]: Shot in the chest by Robert Donner, as Mako simultaneously shoots Robert with a special camera-gun. (The whole story turns out to be Cork Hubbert's dream; I can't recall whether or not Mako was shown to have a real-world counterpart after Cork wakes up, or whether his character existed only in Cork's dream.) (Played for comic effect.)
  • Testament (1983) [Mike]: Dies of radiation poisoning from the fallout of a nuclear attack.
  • Armed Response (1986) [Akira Tanaka]: Blows up after a bomb placed on him is set off by David Carradine
  • P.O.W. The Escape (Behind Enemy Lines) (1986) [Capt. Vinh] Impaled through the heart by David Carradine
  • Silent Assassins (1988) [Oyama]: Mortally wounded by Gustav Vintas' thugs. He dies later while is talking to Phillip Rhee.
  • The Perfect Weapon (1991) [Kim]: Skull crushed (off-screen) after being head butted by Professor Toru Tanaka.
  • Highlander III: The Sorcerer (1994) [Nakano]: Decapitated at the end of a sword fight by Mario Van Peebles as Christopher Lambert looks on in shock; his severed head shouts out a warning before dying.
  • Crying Freeman (1995) [Shido Shimazaki]: Killed (I believe shot or slashed/stabbed to death) by Mark Dacascos.
  • Bulletproof Monk (2003) [Mr. Kojima]: Strangled with a reel of film by Victoria Smurfit; his body is shown again later on when Seann William Scott discovers him.
  • Memoirs of a Geisha (2005) [Sakamoto]: Dies off-screen of an unknown cause. His death is mentioned to Ziyi Zhang.
  • Rise (Rise: Blood Hunter) (2007) [Poe]: Shot in the chest with a crossbow bolt by Lucy Liu, after he tells her where to find James D'Arcy. (The film was released a year after Mako's real life death).

Television Deaths[]

Video Game Deaths[]

  • True Crime: Streets of LA (2003) [General Han Yu Kim]: Beaten to death by Russell Wong in the game's good ending. In the game's bad ending, he commits suicide by falling backwards off the heliport of a building. He survives in the average ending.


Notable Connections[]

  • Mr. Shizuko Hoshi.