Majel Barrett in Mommy

Majel Barrett (1932 - 2008)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Westworld (1973) [Miss Carrie]: Playing an android, her energy "runs down". Later the Technicians die before they can activate her up again.
  • Mommy (1995) [Mrs. Withers]: Neck snapped (off-screen) by Patty McCormack after Patty knocks her off of a stepladder in the classroom. Her body is shown lying on the floor afterwards.

TV Deaths:Edit

  • Star Trek: Yesteryear (1973; animated) [Amanda Grayson/Grey]: Provided the voice for Spock's mother who was killed (off-screen) in a shuttle craft that crashed in an altered timeline. The timeline was corrected when Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) uses the Guardian of Forever portal to return to the past and correct the events that led to her death allowing Amanda Grayson to live out her life as before.

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