Mai Zetterling (below) in Torment

Mai Zetterling (1925 - 1994)


Film Deaths Edit

  • Torment (Hets; Frenzy) (1944) [Bertha Olsson]: Dies (off-screen) of a heart attack during a confrontation with Stig Jarrel in her apartment; her body is shown afterwards when Alf Kjellin discovers her.
  • Piccadilly Third Stop (1960) [Christine]: Killed in the getaway car when she picks up Terence Morgan after a robbery but loses control when taking a corner too fast and has a head on collision with a lorry. The dialogue of the witnesses states they have both died. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Faces In The Dark (1960) [Christiane Hammond]: Drowns in a river when her blind husband John Gregson, sitting upfront next to the driver, her lover Michael Denison, realises he is being driven to probable death, tries to take control of the car and it ends up some yards in the river. She gets out but can't swim and Gregson can't see her to save her. (Thanks to Brian)

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