Maggie Castle (1983 - )

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Weirdsville (2007) [Treena]: Killed in an explosion (along with Greg Bryk, Raoul Bhaneja, and Dax Ravina) after Raoul lights a cigarette in a room he unknowingly filled with flammable gas.
  • The Mad (2007) [Amy Hunt]: Possibly killed (along with Billy Zane) by Michael Rhoades after he turns into a zombie or when he crashes their car into a tree (off-screen); the film ends with the car crashing.

Television Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: Fisting Fantasy (2011) [Jenny Kolinsky]: After being magically transported into a real life video game (along with Alex House, Melanie Leishman and Bill Turnbull), Maggie and Melanie are accidentally vaporized by Bill when he mishandles his magic staff. They resurrect immediately and lose a video game "life." Maggie and Melanie are vaporized again later when they fail to dodge a knight's (Sean Skene) stomping laser attack, thus losing another "life." Maggie loses no more "lives" and eventually survives in real life.
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