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MacKenzie Porter in Travelers: Protocol Omega

MacKenzie Porter (1990 - )

TV Deaths[]

  • Endgame: The Other Side (2011) [Kim Sharland]: Suffers a fatal allergic reaction to bee pollen accidentally induced by Kerry James prior to the events of the episode; her death is depicted in a flashback imagined by Shawn Doyle and her decomposed hand (a prosthetic effect) is shown when Tom McBeath discovers it.
  • Travelers: Travelers (2016) [Marcy]: Struck in the head by a group of thugs who were attempting to rape her. One second after her death, her body is resurrected and appropriated by a time traveler from the future who fights off the attackers. The new Marcy survives the episode.
  • Travelers: 17 Minutes (2017) [Marcy]: Ambushed by frogmen (along with the rest of her team) and shot in the back during multiple trips through a time loop. The time loop finally ends when Noah Beggs is able to warn the team in time and they kill the frogmen. MacKenzie eventually survives the episode.
  • Travelers: Protocol Omega (2018) [Marcy]: Shoots herself in the head (off-camera); her body is shown a few scenes later. Her death is eventually undone when the entire timeline is reset.