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MacDonald Carey (1913 - 1994)

Film Deaths:[]

  • Wake Island (1942) [Lt. Bruce Cameron]: Shot to death by a Japanese pilot in an aerial battle with the Japanese forces, he dies after he lands his plane.
  • Streets of Laredo (1949)  [Lorn Reming]: Shot with a rifle by Mona Freeman when MacDonald tries to shoot William Holden.
  • Copper Canyon (1950) [Deputy Lane Travis]: Shot dead by Ray Milland and Harry Carey Jr as they fire at him from both sides in the shootout in the cabin. (Thanks to Brian)
  • These Are the Damned (The Damned) (1962) [Simon Wells]: The film ends with Carey and Shirley Anne Field still alive but rapidly dying of radiation poisoning as they sail along the English coast on his boat whilst a helicopter shadows them, waiting for them to die so a boarding party can take over. (Thanks to Brian)

Television Deaths:[]

  • Thriller: The Devil's Ticket (1961) [Hector Vane]: Dragged to hell off-camera by the devil (John Emery) after his wife (Joan Tetzel) unknowingly burns his old coat that contained the pawn ticket that MacDonald needed to redeem his soul.
  • Days of Our Lives (June 1994) [Dr. Tom Horton]: Dies (off-screen) in his sleep from a heart attack. (Note: MacDonald had died three months earlier, and his character's death was later written in).