M. Emmett Walsh in Tales from the Crypt: Collection Completed

M. Emmet Walsh (1935 - )

Film Deaths

  • Missing In Action (1984) [Jack "Tuck" Tucker]: Killed in a explosion on his ship during a shootout with a patrol boat as he is opening fire so Chuck Norris and the prisoners of war can escape.
  • Narrow Margin (1990) [Sergeant Dominick Benti]: Shot repeatedly with machine guns by Nigel Bennett and J.A. Preston firing from a helicopter whilst he's standing by a cabin window. His body is later seen when Gene Hackman goes to check on him.
  • Retroactive (1997) [Sam]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Kylie Travis. Kylie later goes back in time and finds Walsh already dead, having been shot to death by Shannon Whirry in another time-jump.
  • Erasable You (1998) [Ralph Worth]: Shot in the stomach by Daryl Haney during the funeral of Walsh's daughter; the shooting is caught and broadcast live by news cameras.

TV Deaths

  • Home Improvement: Taps (1997) [Colonel Patterson]: Did not appear in this episode, but it's revealed that he died (off-screen) of a heart attack.
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