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M. Emmett Walsh in Tales from the Crypt: Collection Completed

M. Emmet Walsh (1935 - 2024)

Film Deaths[]

  • Stiletto (1969) [Racing Partner] Throat slit by Alex Cord.
  • Little Big Man (1970) [Shotgun Guard]: To be added
  • Blood Simple (1984) [Private Detective Loren Visser]: Shot in the stomach through a door by Frances McDormand, who had mistaken him for Dan Hedaya. Although he doesn't immediately die, it can be assumed that he succumbs to his wounds.
  • Missing in Action (1984) [Jack "Tuck" Tucker]: Killed in a explosion on his ship during a shootout with a patrol boat as he is opening fire so Chuck Norris and the prisoners of war can escape.
  • Sunset (1988) [Chief Marvin Dibner]: Shot in the chest by Jennifer Edwards.
  • The Mighty Quinn (1989) [Fred Miller]: Killed in an explosion along with Fred Lloyd after thier helicopter crashes into an ancent ruin, when Walsh is paralyzed after being bitten by a cobra left in the vehicle by Robert Townsend
  • Narrow Margin (1990) [Sergeant Dominick Benti]: Shot repeatedly with machine guns fired by Nigel Bennett and J.A. Preston from a helicopter whilst he's standing by a cabin window. His body is later seen when Gene Hackman goes to check on him.
  • Killer Image (1992) [Senator John Kane]: Killed by John Pyper-Ferguson.
  • The Music of Chance (1993) [Calvin Murks]: Killed alongside Chris Penn in a car wreck when Mandy Patinkin intentionally crashes the truck he's driving with Emmet and Chris in the passenger seat.
  • The Glass Shield (1994) [Jake Hall]: Suffocates after suffering a sudden coughing fit; he dies as Michael Ironside tries to revive him, while Richard Anderson looks on.
  • Relative Fear (1994) [Earl Ladelle]: Suffocates when Bruce Dinsmore rips out the tubes to his oxygen tank. His body is later seen when Michael Dupuis discovers him.
  • Albino Alligator (1996) [Dino]: Head bashed repeatedly against a wooden bar top by William Fichtner as they fight over a shotgun.
  • Retroactive (1997) [Sam]: Run over by a car driven by Guy Boyd. During a time travel sequence, he is shot to death by Shannon Whirry in another time-jump.
  • Twilight (1998) [Lester Ivar]: Shot in the stomach offscreen by James Garner; he dies after opening fire on Paul Newman.
  • Erasable You (1998) [Ralph Worth]: Shot in the stomach by Daryl Haney during the funeral of Walsh's daughter; the shooting is caught and broadcast live by news cameras.
  • The Odd Life of Timothy Green (2012) [Uncle Bub]: Dies of a heart attack.

Television Deaths[]