Lupe Velez in The Squaw Man

Lupe Velez (1908 - 1944)

Deaths in Film[edit | edit source]

  • The Squaw Man (1931) [Naturich]: Commits suicide by shooting herself in the chest; she dies shortly afterwards in Warner Baxter's arms. (See also Princess Red Wing in the 1918 version.)
  • Laughing Boy (1934) [Slim Girl/Lily]: Shot in the chest with an arrow by Ramon Novarro, who intended to kill William B. Davidson instead. She dies later while talking to Ramon.
  • Nana (1944) [Nana]: Possibly dies of syphilis. (I haven't seen this version, so I don't know how faithful it is to the original story; possibly the filmmakers might have sanitized her death to a less "scandalous" disease, or they might have changed the ending altogether to eliminate her death.)

Notable Connections[edit | edit source]

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