Luis Bunuel and Simone Mareuil in 'Un Chien Andalou'

Luis Buñuel (1900 - 1983)


Film DeathsEdit

  • Un Chien Andalou (An Andalusian Dog) (1929) [Man in Prologue]: Dies (off-screen), along with Simone Mareuil, under unspecified circumstances; the movie ends by abruptly showing Luis and Simone dead and half-buried at the beach, with no explanation for the image. (Given the movie's surrealist nature, it's ambiguous whether or not they're even dead, but I'm listing it just in case.)
  • The Phantom of Liberty (Le Fantôme de la liberté) (1974) [Condemned Man]: Executed, along with several other men, by a firing squad. (I'm not 100% certain which one of the condemned men was Luis, but I believe he's the man wearing the monk's robe.)

TV DeathsEdit


Noteworthy ConnectionsEdit

  • Father of Juan Luis Buñuel (director)
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