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Lucio De Santis in Django (on the right, reacting as he gets shot)

Lucio De Santis (1922 -  2006)

Film Deaths Edit

  • Django (1966) [Whipping Bandit] Shot to death by Klan members. 
  • The Hills Run Red (Un fiumedi dollari) (1966) [Juan,Mendez Henchman]: Shot by Thomas Hunter.
  • Texas, Adios (Texas, Adio) (1966)[McLeod Henchman]: Shot to death by Franco Nero.
  • Django, Prepare a Coffin (Preparati la bara!) (1968) [Another one of the Hanged] Shot to death by Terence Hill.  
  • Vengeance (Joko invoca Dio...e muori) (1968) [Laredo]: Shot to death by Richard Harrison.  
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