Lucia Mendez (1955 -)


Lucia Mendez in Black Than the Night.

Film Deaths Edit

  • El Desconocido (The Stranger) (1974) [character name unavailable]: Shot twice in the chest and stomach in a shoot-out with Valentin Trujillo. (Thanks to Geno)
  • Mas negro que la noche (Black Than the Night) (1975) [Marta]: Stabbed in the chest (off-screen) by knitting needles by Tamara Garina's ghost. We only hear her scream over an exterior shot of the house; her body is shown afterwards when Claudia Islas discovers her. (Thanks to JD)

TV Deaths Edit

  • Amas de casa desesperadas: Pilot (2008) [Alicia Arizmendi]: Either commits suicide by shooting herself in the head (off-screen) or is shot by Leonardo Daniel; she only appears in flashbacks and dream sequences, and narrates the story from beyond the grave. (see also Brenda Strong in the original American TV series Desperate Housewives(Thanks to JD)

Connections Edit

Ex-Mrs. Pedro Torres (producer)

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