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Luca Marinelli (1984 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • The Last Man on Earth (2011) [Roberta]: Beaten to death with a rock in a transphobic hate crime, as he plays a trans woman. She is mysteriously revived by aliens and led through the woods back to their spaceship.
  • Don't Be Bad (2015) [Cesare]: Shot in the back after robbing a store.
  • They Call Me Jeeg (2015) [Fabio Cannizzaro]: Dies in an explosion created by his own bomb.
  • Martin Eden (2019) [Martin Eden]: Commits suicide by walking into the ocean and (presumably) drowning. His death isn't explicitly shown, but heavily implied.
  • The Old Guard (2020) [Nicolò di Genova/Nicky]: Killed three times. Shot to death in the famous "kill floor" scene, killed off-screen (possibly by poisonous gas) while being abducted, and shot in the mouth through the back of the head. As he is an immortal being with regenerative powers, he revives almost immediately. Numerous other off-screen deaths are alluded to before the events of the film.

Television Deaths[]

  • Mary of Nazareth (2012;TV movie) [Joseph]: Dies of old age.
  • A Dangerous Fortune (2015;TV movie) [Mickey Miranda]: Shoots himself after witnessing the suicide of his lover in the same fashion.