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Louise Jameson in Disciple of Death

The zombie Louise Jameson in Disciple of Death

Louise Jameson (1951 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Disciple of Death (1972) [Betty]: Heart cut out (off-screen) by Mike Raven; the scene ends with Louise screaming in the woods after Mike kills her boyfriend, but we later see her as one of Mike's zombie slaves. She presumably dies again in the fire when Virginia Wetherell burns down the house; we don't see Louise during the fire. (For that matter, the movie's so confusing that it's never clear whether fire is actually fatal to the zombies.)

TV Deaths[]

  • Doctor Who: The Invisible Enemy (1977) [Leela/Leela's Duplicate]: In this episode, in addition to her regular role as Leela, Louise played a miniaturized duplicate of Leela which was injected into Tom Baker's body to battle a parasite inside him. The duplicate Leela dies when it is at the end of its artificial lifespan.
  • Bergerac: A True Detective (1990) [Susan Young]: Drowned in the ocean. (Thanks to acerimer and xj900)