Louis Koo (1970 - )

Louis Koo in Drug War

Film deaths

  • Zu Warriors (Shu shan zheng zhuan) (2001) [Red]: Sacrifices himself in order to stop the enemy.
  • Dragon Tiger Gate (Lung Fu Moon) (2006) [Shibumi]: Beaten to death by Donnie Yen.
  • Protege (Moon to) (2007) [Jane's Husband]: While he is still alive at the end of the film, it is implied that he will be executed for bringing drugs into the country.
  • Triple Tap (Cheung wong chi wong) (2010) [Kwan Yau-bok]: Shot in the head by a sniper.
  • Drug War (Du zhan) (2012) [Timmy Choi Tin-ming]: Executed by lethal injection for both distributing meth and going back on his deal to take down his former allies.
  • Call of Heroes (Wei Cheng) (2016) [Cho Siu-lun]: Stabbed numerous times by an angry mob.
  • Paradox ('Saat po long: Taam long) [Lee Chung Chi]: Shoots himself in the head off-screen after shooting Ka Tung Lam devasted for losing his family as Wu Yue looks on from his car in horror


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