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Louie Elias (1933 - 2017)

a.k.a. Lew Elias, Louis Elias, Lou Elias.

Louie Elias in Stiletto

Film Deaths[]

  • Stiletto (1969) [Mann]: Suffocated with a plastic bag in a pool by Alex Cord.

Television Deaths::[]

  • Combat!: The Old Men (1965) [German Soldier]: Killed in a firefight with White Rook squad.
  • Combat!: Hills Are for Heroes: Part 2 (1966) [Machine Gunner]: Killed in the intense firefight between the German troops defending the hilltop bunkers and the Americans that were assaulting them.
  • Combat!: The Leader (1966) [Johnson]: Killed (off-screen) by German soldiers. We learn of his demise when Steven Marlo comes back and informs Jack Hogan.
  • Combat!: The Chapel at Able-Five (1966) [Pvt. David Cochran]: Steps on a landmine killing himself and temporarily blinding Vic Morrow.
  • Combat!: Decision (!966) [Adams]: Shot to death by German Soldiers during a firefight.
  • Kojak: Cry for the Kids (1977) [Lenny Malone]: Shot to death by Barry Miller.