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[ Loris Bazzocchi]
[[File:Lorisbazzocchi-mafiaconnection1.jpg|thumb|300px|Loris Bazzocchi in ''Mafia Connection'']][[File:Lorisbazzocchi-mafiaconnection2.jpg|thumb|300px|Loris Bazzocchi's death in ''Mafia Connection'']][ Loris Bazzocchi]
== Film Deaths ==
== Film Deaths ==

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Loris Bazzocchi in Mafia Connection

Loris Bazzocchi's death in Mafia Connection

Loris Bazzocchi

Film Deaths

  • Mafia Connection (E venne il giorno dei limoni neri; Black Lemons) (1970) [Pasquale Sciortino]: Crushed to death when a hitman dumps a load of rocks onto him in a staged "accident" at a rock quarry, as Antonio Sabato looks on in shock.

TV Deaths

None known