Liza Koshy (1996 - )

TV DeathsEdit

  • Freakish (2016) [Violet Adams]: Stabbed through the left eye by Jake Busey.
    Untitled picture

    Liza Koshy in Freakish

Web Series DeathsEdit

  • Escape the Night: The Gingerbread Woman (2017) [Herself - The Explorer]: Throat slit (off-screen) by Sitara Hewitt. We last see Liza being dragged away by Sitara into the mansion and we see blood spattered on the window. She would later return as a display in the Museum of the Dead in the fourth season and be broug

    Liza Koshy in 'Escape the Night: The Gingerbread Woman'

    ht back to life later in the season.
  • Escape the Night: Collecting the Dead Part 1 (2019) [Herself - The Explorer]: Stabbed by Shiobann Amisial after she caught her outside her exhibit. Her soul was then stolen by Shiobann and placed into the jar.
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