Lisa Younger (19?? - )
Lisa younger hold your breath cropped

Lisa Younger in Hold Your Breath

Film Deaths Edit

  • Hold Your Breath (2012) [Samantha]: Knocked unconscious when Brad Slaughter, who became possessed by an evil spirit, repeatedly slams Lisa's face into the steering column of the car she was driving, causing a large spray of blood. She is tied to a tree with barbed wire around her waist connected to the car battery, while her arms are bound with a length of rope that goes over her head and over the tree and is tied to the hood of the car. Brad gouges of her eyes and then starts the car, so that she is both electrocuted and bisected at the waist when the car slowly backs away and pulls the barbed wire through her body. Her friends find her body later, after Brad has cut open her mouth (off-screen) at the corners and left her body hanging. (Nudity alert: Topless)
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