Lisa Inouye (background) with Kim Coates in Cold Front

Lisa Inouye (19?? -)

Film Deaths Edit

  • Cold Front (1989) [Kim]: Neck snapped by Kim Coates while dancing with him in her apartment, after which he carries her body over to the bed. Her body is shown again later on when when Martin Sheen and Michael Ontkean investigate the crime scene. (Thanks to Dan and Siri)
  • Final Judgement (1992) [Lily]: Strangled with a rosary by David Ledingham in her apartment; her body is shown again later on when Isaac Hayes investigates the crime scene.
  • Death Wish V: The Face of Death (1994) [Officer Janice Omori]: Hit by a car driven by Robert Joy as she fires on it; she dies in the hospital shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Brian)

TV Deaths Edit

  • None known
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