Linsey Godfrey Cold Case

Linsey Godfrey in Cold Case: Boy Crazy


Linsey Godfrey in CSI: Miami: Stoned Cold

Linsey Godfrey (1988 - )

Movie DeathsEdit

TV DeathsEdit

  • Cold Case: Boy Crazy (2007) [Samantha "Sam" Randall]: Smothered with a pillow by Jonathan Keltz. Her body is shown at the beginning of the episode, and her death is shown in a flashback. She later appears as a ghost/figment of the characters' imagination to Jonathan's older self (David Selby), who then flashes back to his younger self, at the end of the episode after her murder is solved.
  • The Bold and the Beautiful (March 2019) [Caroline Spencer Forrester II]: Dies of a blood clot.
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