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Lino Ventura in Le Deuxième Souffle

Lino Ventura   (1919 - 1987)

Film DeathsEdit

  • Razzia sur la chnouf (1955) [Roger le Catalan]: Machine-gunned in the chest by a cop in shoot-out in a abandoned house.
  • Un témoin dans la villle (1959) [Ancelin]: Machine-gunned in the chest by polices while trying to pointing his gun to their, after being wounded by Robert Dalban towards the end of movie.
  • Le Deuxième Souffle (1966) [Gustave Minda a.k.a "Gu"]: Shot to death by Jean-Claude Bercq after being shot by Denis Manuel.
  • Army of Shadows (L' Armee des ombres; The Shadow Army) (1969) [Philippe Gerbier]: Dies off-screen in 1944. We are told he died in the text at the end of the film, which simply states that he decided to not run this time.  
  • The Valachi Papers (1972) [Vito Genovese]: Dies off-screen of a heart attack. We are simply informed of his death via the text at the end of the film. 

TV DeathsEdit

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