Lil Dagover just before her death in 'Harakiri'

Lil Dagover about to commit suicide in 'Harakiri'

Lil Dagover dead in 'Harakiri'

Lil Dagover dead with Kaete Juster in 'Harakiri'

Lil Dagover in 1919 by Photographer Alexander Binder

Lil Dagover 1919 Photograph

Lil Dagover (1887 - 1980)

Film DeathsEdit

  • Harakiri (Madame Butterfly) (1919) [O-Take-San]: Commits suicide off-screen with her father's (Paul Biensfeldt) sword when Herta Heden arrives at her house instead of Niels Prien who had been her husband for 999 days (an old Japanese custom) to claim his child (Loni Nest) by her. In the 4 years Neils was in Europe he had married Herta. When Niels finally arrive at Lil's house and asks to see her, Lil's handmaiden Kaete Juster goes into the room where she was and finds her dead. See Famous Last Words.
  • Destiny (Der mude Tod; Between Two Worlds; Beyond the Wall) (1921) [Young Woman/Zobeide/Monna Fiametta/Tiao Tsien]: Playing multiple roles in the different segments, "Young Woman" dies when the spirit of Death (Bernhard Goetzke) touches her, after she agrees to give up her life to be reunited with Walter Janssen. (Her characters in the other segments survive their stories.) (Thanks to DeMan)
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