Liana Orfei (1937 - )
Liana Orfei Last Glory of Troy

Liana Orfei's death in The Last Glory of Troy

Film DeathsEdit

  • Mill of the Stone Women (Il Mulino delle donne di pietra; Drops of Blood; Icon) (1960) [Amilore]: Drained of blood by Robert Boehm and Wolfgang Preiss, in order to use her blood to keep Scilla Gabel alive. Her preserved/petrified body is shown afterwards as one of the “statues" in the mill. (Thanks to Eric)
  • Rage of the Buccaneers (Gordon, Il pirata nero; The Black Buccaneer; Black Pirate; Pirate Warrior) (1961) [Luana]: Stabbed in the stomach when she uses her body to shield Ricardo Montalban during a battle with the Spanish soldiers. She dies in Ricardo's arms shortly afterwards.
  • The Tatars (I Tartari) (1961) [Helga]: Commits suicide by jumping from the fortress tower after being raped by Orson Welles' soldiers; she dies in Victor Mature's arms after he finds her.
  • The Last Glory of Troy (La Leggenda di Enea; The Avenger; War of the Trojans) (1962) [Camilla, Queen of the Vulga]: Shot in the lower chest (right under her left breast) with an arrow during a battle; her body is shown again afterwards being carried from the battlefield. (Thanks to David and G-Man)

  • Liane Orfei being drained of blood in Mill of the Stone Women
  • Liane Orfei drained of her blood.
  • Liane Orfei's body being repurposed to create a sculpture.

Notable Connections:Edit

Sister of Nando Orfei

Cousin of Moira Orfei

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