Liana Iniesta in Serious Killer

Liana Iniesta (19?? -)

Film DeathsEdit

  • Asesino en Serio (Serious Killer) (2002) [Estelita]: Dies (off-screen) of a simultaneous heart attack and cerebral hemorrhage when Santiago Segura uses acupressure to give her a fatal orgasm. Her body is shown afterwards lying on the bed when Jesus Ochoa investigates the scene, then again later on in the morgue; the events leading up to the murder are shown in a flashback when Santiago explains his story to Jesus, though the flashback ends before her actual death. (Although her death scene was cut from the finished movie, it was shown in two trailers featured on the DVD). (Nudity alert: Topless and rear)

TV DeathsEdit

None known.

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