Liam Cunningham in The Card Player

Liam Cunningham (1961 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Escapist (2008) [Brodie]: Dies during a cave in while trying to escape the jail. (This turns out to be a daydream a dying Brian Cox has, and Liam actually survives the film.)
  • The Tournament (2009) [Powers]: Killed in an explosion, along with Ving Rhames, after Ving forces the explosive tracking device down Liam's throat in Liam's "game room" headquarters.
  • Centurion (2010) [Brick]: Stabbed in the stomach with a spear when Olga Kurylenko throws it at him; he then drives the spear through his own body in order to kill a Pict warrior who had grabbed him from behind.

TV DeathsEdit


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