Lexx (1997 series)

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Lexx (TV series; 1997-2002)
Lexx (1997 series)
A group of desperate fugitives from an interplanetary tyranny find themselves in control of a massively powerful starship.
[[File:Lexx_Poster.jpg|thumb|Lexx Poster]]
[[File:Lexx_Poster.jpg|thumb|Lexx Poster|268x268px]]
==Male Deaths:==
==Male Deaths==
*[[David Albiston]] (Ep. 2.12 Norb)
*David Albiston (Ep. 2.12, Norb)
*[[Alexander Baier]] (Ep. 3.11 Girltown)
*Andrew Bigelow (Ep. 2.10, Wake the Dead)
*[[Nigel Bennett]] (Ep. 3.2 May, Ep. 4.18 The Game)
*Matthew Burton (Ep. 2.11, Nook)
*[[Andrew Bigelow]] (Ep. 2.10 Wake the Dead)
*Andrew Bush (Ep. 2.10, Wake the Dead)
*[[Walter Borden]] (Ep. 1.1 I Worship His Shadow, Ep. 1.4 Giga Shadow,  Ep. 2.15 Woz, Ep.4.24 Yo Way Yo)
*[[Tim Curry]]
*[[Matthew Burton]] (Ep. 2.11 Nook)
*Louis Del Grande (Ep. 2.13, Twilight)
*[[Andrew Bush]] (Ep. 2.10 Wake the Dead)
*John Dunsworth (Ep. 2.13, Twilight)
*[[Landy Cannon]] (Ep. 4.20 ApocaLexx Now)
*Bruce Fillmore (Ep. 2.10, Wake the Dead)
*[[Jack Carr (V)|Jack Carr (V)]] (Ep. 4.21 Viva Lexx Vegas)
*[[Dan Fredenburgh]]
*[[Brian Carter]] (Ep. 2.9 791)
*Lex Gigeroff (Ep. 2.13, Twilight)
*[[Nick Cawdron]] (Ep. 4.15 Mort)
*[[Rutger Hauer]]
*[[Ryan Cooley]] (Ep. 4.3 P4X)
*Jeffrey Hirschfield (Ep. 2.3, Lyekka)
*[[Sean Cullen]] (Ep.4.21 Viva Lexx Vegas)
*Matthias Klimsa (Ep. 2.11, Nook)
*[[Tim Curry]] (Ep. 1.2 Super Nova)
*[[Dieter Laser]]
*[[Bob Dearden]] (Ep. 4.2 Texx Lexx)
*Brandon McCarvel (Ep. 2.12 Norb)
*[[Louis Del Grande]] (Ep. 2.13 Twilight, Ep. 4.21 Viva Lexx Vegas)
*[[Malcolm McDowell]]
*[[Brian Downey]] (Ep. 4.6 The Rock)
*Adrian Mattiske (Ep. 2.11, Nook)
*[[John Dunsworth]] (Ep. 1.4 Giga Shadow, Ep. 2.9 791, Ep.2.13 Twilight, Ep. 4.2 Texx Lexx, Ep. 4.3 P4X, Ep. 4.18 The Game)
*Stephen McHattie (Ep. 2.3, Lyekka)
*[[Mike Durling ]] (Ep. 4.21 Viva Lexx Vegas)
*Christian Murray (Ep. 2.13, Twilight)
*[[Dennis Envoldsen]] (Ep. 4.20 ApocaLexx Now)
*Roman Podhora (Ep. 2.3, Lyekka)
*[[Bruce Fillmore]] (Ep. 2.10, Wake the Dead)
*Philipe Roach (Ep. 2.11, Nook)
*[[Jim Fowler ]] (Ep. 4.2 Texx Lexx)
*Tom Petry Strauss (Ep. 2.11 Nook)
*[[Dan Fredenburgh]] (Ep. 4.16 Moss)
*Milton Welsh (Ep. 2.11, Nook)
*[[Tom Gallant]] (Ep. 4.24 Yo Way Yo)
*Gordon Patrick White (Ep. 2.13, Twilight)
*[[Lex Gigeroff]] (Ep. 1.3 Eating Pattern, Ep. 2.13 Twilight, Ep. 4.9 Fluff Daddy)
==Female Deaths==
*[[Glen Grant]] (Ep. 4.20 ApocaLexx Now)
*[[Lauren Abrahams]]
*[[Michael Habeck]] (Ep. 1.4 Giga Shadow)
*[[Nikki Bennett|Nikki Barnett]]
*[[Andre Haines]] (Ep. 3.11 Girltown)
*[[Jocelyn Cunningham]]
*[[Rutger Hauer]] (Ep. 1.3 Eating Pattern)
*[[Ellen Dubin]]
*[[Jeffrey Hirschfield]] (Ep. 2.3 Lyekka, Ep. 4.18 The Game)
*[[Polly Green]]
*[[Andy Jones (II)]] (Ep. 1.4 Giga Shadow)
*[[Marem Hassler]]
*[[Rolf Kanies]] (Ep. 3.10 Battle)
*[[Angie Hill]]
*[[Frank Kelly (II)]] (Ep. 4.6 The Rock)
*[[Amy Kerr]]
*[[Matthias Klimsa]] (Ep. 2.11 Nook)
*[[Susanna Metzner]]
*[[Dieter Laser]] (Ep. 3.6 K-Town)
*[[Rachel Mooney]]
*[[John Lebar (II)]] (Ep. 4.21 Viva Lexx Vegas)
*[[Louise Wischermann]]
*[[Gary Levert ]] (Ep. 4.21 Viva Lexx Vegas)
*[[Lenore Zann]]
*[[David Lewis]] (Ep. 2.14, Patches in the Sky)
*Patricia Zentilli (Ep. 2.10,, Wake the Dead)
*[[Johnny Lomas]] (Ep. 4.19 Hayley's Comet)
*[[Ed Macdonald]] (Ep 4.6 The Rock)
*[[Rory MacGregor]] (ep. 4.15 Mort)
*[[Adrian Mattiske]] (Ep. 2.11 Nook)
*[[Douglas Mayr]] (Ep. 4.6 The Rock)
*[[Geoff McBride]] (Ep. 4.17 Dutch Treat)
*[[Brandon McCarvel]] (Ep. 2.12 Norb)
*[[Malcolm McDowell]] (Ep. 1.4 Giga Shadow)
*[[Stephen McHattie]] (Ep. 2.3 Lyekka)
*[[Stephen Morgan]] (Ep. 4.2 Texx Lexx)
*[[Wanja Mues]] (Ep. 3.11 Girltown)
*[[Christian Murray]] (Ep. 2.13 Twilight)
*[[Chris Owens]] (Ep. 4.2 Texx Lexx)
*[[Michael Pellerin]] (Ep. 2.9 791)
*[[Roman Podhora]] (Ep. 2.3 Lyekka)
*[[Michael J. Reynolds]] (Ep. 4.20 ApocaLexx Now)
*[[Philipe Roach]] (Ep. 2.11 Nook)
*[[Finlay Robertson]] (Ep. 4.19 Haley's Comet)
*[[Wayne Robson]] (Ep. 2.14 Patches in the Sky)
*[[Robert Sigl]] (Ep. 1.4 Giga Shadow)
*[[Jimmy Somerville]] (Ep. 3.11 Girltown)
*[[Tom Petry Strauss]] (Ep. 2.11 Nook)
*[[Roger Tebb]] (Ep.3.11 Girltown)
*[[Georg Tryphon]] (Ep. 3.11 Girltown)
*[[Jenson Vaughan]] (Ep. 4.17 Dutch Treat)
*[[Glenn Wadman]] (Ep. 4.21 Viva Lexx Vegas)
*[[Milton Welsh]] (Ep. 2.11 Nook)
*[[Gordon Patrick White]] (Ep. 2.13 Twilight)
*[[Sam White]] (Ep. 4.6 The Rock)
==Female Deaths:==
*[[Lauren Abrahams]] (Ep. 2.13 Twilight)
*[[Nikki Barnett]] (Ep. 2.10 Wake the Dead)
*[[Lois Brown ]] (Ep. 4.6 The Rock)
*[[Anna Cameron]] (Ep. 4.18 The Game)
*[[Jocelyn Cunningham]] (Ep. 1.1 I Worship His Shadow)
*[[Tara Doyle]] (Ep 4.17 Dutch Treat)
*[[Ellen Dubin]] (Ep.1.2 Super Nova, Ep. 3.11 Girltown, Ep. 4.20 ApocaLexx Now)
*[[Britt Ekland ]] (Ep. 4.14 Prime Ridge)
*[[Andrea Green]] (Ep. 4.8 Vlad)
*[[Polly Green]] (Ep. 4.19 Haley’s Comet)
*[[Marem Hassler]] (Ep. 4.16 Moss)
*[[Julia Haacke]] (Ep. 3.9 Garden)
*[[Lori Heath]] (Ep. 2.15 woz)
*[[Celia Henebury]] (Ep. 4.15 Mort)
*[[Angie Hill]] (Ep. 4.8 Vlad)
*[[Adrienne Horton]] (Ep. 2.15 Woz)
*[[Martha Irving]] (Ep. 4.6 The Rock)
*[[Robin Johnson IV]] (Ep. 2.15 Woz)
*[[Amy Kerr]] (Ep. 2.9 791)
*[[Ina Paule Klink]] (Ep.2.9 Garden)
*[[Bette MacDonald ]] (Ep. 4.6 The Rock)
*[[Kerry MacPherson]] (Ep. 2.15 Woz)
*[[Marguerite McNeil ]] (Ep. 4.14 Prime Ridge)
*[[Susanna Metzner]] (Ep. 2.6 Stan’s Trial)
*[[Rachel Mooney]] (Ep. 4.8 Vlad)
*[[Rebecca Mordan ]] (Ep. 4.19 Haley's Comet)
*[[Laura Mae Nason]] (Ep. 2.15 Woz)
*[[Heather Rankin]] (Ep. 4.6 The Rock)
*[[Sabrina Rattey]] (Ep. 3.9 Garden)
*[[Nicole Redding]] (Ep. 4.15 Mort)
*[[Maisie Rillie]] (Ep. 4.6 The Rock)
*[[Cindy Sampson]] (Ep. 2.15 Woz)
*[[Stacy Smith IV]] (Ep. 2.15 Woz)
*[[Hephzibah Tintner]] (Ep. 3.9 Garden)
*[[Angela Vermeir ]] (Ep. 4.2 Texx Lexx)
*[[Mary Walsh]] (2.13 Twighlight)
*[[Sherry White]] (Ep. 4.6 The Rock)
*[[Louise Wischermann]] (Ep. 2.20 End of the Universe, Ep. 3.10 Battle, Ep. 4.9 Fluff Daddy, Ep. 4.23 Lyekka Vs. Japan)
*[[Janet Wright]] (Ep. 2.7 Love Grows, Ep. 4.4 Stan Down)
*[[Lenore Zann]] (Ep. 2.15 Woz)
*[[Patricia Zentilli]] (Ep. 2.10 Wake the Dead, Ep. 4.18 The Game)
Patricia Zentilli killed in 'Lexx-The Game'.png|Patricia Zentilli
Marem Hassler with Dan Fredenburgh just before their deaths in Lexx-Moss.png|Dan Fredenburgh and Marem Hassler
Nikkibarnett2.jpg|Nikki Barnett
Rutger Hauer dead in Lexx-Eating Pattern.png|Rutger Hauer
Andrea Green, Rachel Mooney and Angie Hill Just before their deaths in Lexx-Vlad.png|Andrea Green Rachel Mooney Angie Hill
Louise Wischermann being killed in Lexx-Lyekka vs. Japan.png|Louise Wischermann
[[Category:1997 TV series debuts]]
[[Category:1997 TV series debuts]]
[[Category:2002 TV series endings]]
[[Category:2002 TV series endings]]
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[[Category:Suicide Films]]
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