Lexi Ainsworth - The Gray Man 2007

Lexi Ainsworth in The Gray Man

Lexi Ainsworth (1992 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Gray Man (2007) [Grace Budd]: Killed (off-screen) by Patrick Bauchau. Her body is shown later as Patrick is preparing to eat her remains.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Death Clique (2014 TV) [Sara Cowan]: Stabbed to death on a chest by Tina Ivlev as a horrified Brittany Underwood watches when Lexi pleads her for help. Her body was later found while investigating a crime scene, as her parents (Barbara Alyn Woods and Bruce Thomas) mourn her death.
  • Teen Wolf: Lies of Omission (2015) [Beth]: After experiencing experimentation failure in Susan Walters's english class, losing a fingernail and bleeding black ooze & mercury, the unknown chimera Ainsworth attempts to flee the school. After being followed by Shelley Hennig, Hennig witnesses her death by Douglas Tait, who snaps her neck. Her body after being brought to the Beacon Hills Memorial morgue is stolen by Ryan Kelley and brought to the Nemeton. She is however not resurrected later by Cody Christian unlike some of the other deceased chimera failures.
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