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Leonardo Sbaraglia in "El Otro Hermano".

Leonardo Sbaraglia (1970 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • La Noche de los Lápices (Night of the Pencils) (1986) [Daniel]: Based on a true story, presumably killed by an unknown method by soldiers of the Argentine dictatorship. An on screen text at the end of the movie says he is still disappeared.
  • No te mueras sin decirme adónde vas ( Don’t Die Without Telling Me Where You’re Going) (1995) [Pablo]: Killed during the Dirty War before the story begins, he appears as a ghost to Darío Grandinetti.
  • Plata Quemada (Burnt Money) (2000) [El Nene]: Shot in the chest by the police during a siege, he dies in Eduardo Noriega's arms shortly afterwards.
  • La puta y la ballena (The Whore and the Whale) (2004) [Emilio]: Killed in the Spanish Civil War.
  • Violanchelo (Love, Pain and Vice Versa) (2008) [Dr. Ricardo Márquez]: Shot by Bárbara Mori (as Leonardo shoots her at the same time).
  • El Corredor Nocturno (Night Runner) (2009) [Eduardo López]: While Leonardo is running, he see himself falling from a building and hitting the ground as part of a fantasy. Leonardo actually survives the movie.
  • Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales) (2014) [Diego]: Killed in an explosion along with Walter Donado when Walter lights a rag in his gas tank in an attempt to kill him while he is trapped in his car, but Leonardo stops him from escaping and they are both killed.
  • El otro hermano (The Lost Brother) (2017) [Duarte]: Shot repeatedly by Daniel Hendler (after being previously shot by Alian Devetac).

TV Deaths[]

  • Epitafios: Episode 2.13 (2009) [Asesino]: Presumably suffocated or bleed to death (off screen) after been shot in the legs and buried alive by Julio Chávez.