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Lennie James in Outlaw

Lennie James (1965 -)

Film Deaths[]

  • Les Miserables (1998) [Enjolras]: Executed by firing squad along with several other surviving protestors.
  • Sahara (2005) [General Zateb Kazim]: Killed in an explosion along with his pilot (Christopher Saul) when Steve Zahn and Matthew McConaughey shoot down his helicopter with a cannonball (which explodes as Lennie is reaching for it).
  • Outlaw (2007) [Cedric Munroe]: Shot to death by a police hit squad lead by George Anton when they open fire as he is surrendering (as Danny Dyer looks on in shock). His body is later seen as they make it look like justifiable homicide (as Dyer flees through the forest).

Television Deaths[]


Notable Connections[]

  • Mr. Giselle Glasman