Lele Pons in 'Escape the Night: Wicked Hallucinations'

Lele Pons (1996 -)

Television Deaths[edit | edit source]

Web Video Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Witch Sisters (2017) [Witch Sister]: Dies (off-screen) from unspecified causes (along with Hannah Stocking and Inanna Sarkis) prior to the events of the video; she is inadvertently resurrected by Adam Waheed, Wav Three Pop, and Marilyn Flores when they read from a spellbook. It is later revealed the events of the episode are a hypothetical scenario if Adam, Wav, and Marilyn read from the book and she is not actually resurrected.
  • Room 823 (2017) [Lele]: Dies from unspecified causes prior to the events of the video (off-screen); she appears as a ghost unaware of her death and her death is revealed at the end of the video.
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