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Lee Montgomery (1961-)

a.k.a. Lee Harcourt Montgomery, or Lee H. Montgomery


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Lee Montgomery's death in Night Shadows(1984)

Film Deaths:[]

  • Pete 'n' Tillie (1972) [Robbie Seltzer]: Dies (off-screen) of cancer.
  • Burnt Offerings (1976) [David 'Davey' Rolf]: Crushed by the falling bricks of the chimney.
  • Dead of Night (1977) [Bobby]: Is revealed to have committed suicide by drowning to get away from his mother before his possessed corpse attacks his mother.
  • The Camp Everwood Story 4 (1977) [Bean Mattson]: Froze to death in 1871 (off-screen). Appears as a ghost.
  • Night Shadows (Mutant) (1984) [Mike Cameron]: Drained of blood by a mutant (off-screen) after he is dragged under his bed. His body is later seen by his brother Wings Hauser in the basement of Mary Nell Santacroce`s house.

TV Deaths:[]

  • CBS Schoolbreak Special: Hear Me Cry (1984) [David Goldman]: Commits suicide by driving his car off of a bridge (off-screen).

Noteworthy Connections:[]