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Exploited 2022

Leah Pipes in Exploited

Leah Pipes (1988 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Sorority Row (2009) [Jessica Pierson]: Stabbed in the mouth with a modified tire-iron (pinning her to the wall) by Julian Morris, as Briana Evigan looks on in horror (with her body later seen when he removes the tire-iron, causing her to slid down).
  • The Devil's Hand (2014) [Sarah]: Stabbed in back with a sickle by Stacy Edwards (off-screen); she collapses and dies after stumbling into the parish churh and speaking to Colm Meaney and the congregation.
  • Exploited (2022) [Dr. Walker]: Bludgeoned to death by Spencer List as Leah was attempting to strangle Makenzie Vega to death.

Television Deaths[]

  • Angel: Reprise (2001) [Stephanie Sharp]: Killed (off-screen) by Kevin Fry-Bowers.
  • The Originals: Savior (2015) [Cami O'Connell]: Slits her own throat (off-screen) after having sex with Joseph Morgan, due to being compelled by Rebecca Breeds; she comes back to life as a vampire in the next episode (A Ghost Along the Mississippi) due Rebecca also feeding her her blood.
  • The Originals: No More Heartbreaks (2016) [Cami O'Connell]: Dies from werewolf venom after being bitten by Andrew Lees, with Joseph Morgan by her side; she continues to appear throughout the series as a hallucination.
  • Charmed: Red Rain (2019) [Fiona Callahan]: Dies by the dark forces when she tries to open the source of all magical and demonic powers. She dissolves in front of Rupert EvansMelonie Diaz, Madeleine Mantock and Sarah Jeffery.