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Lawrence Tierney in Reservoir Dogs

Lawrence Tierney (1919 - 2002)

Film Deaths[]

  • The Ghost Ship (1943) [Seaman Louie Parker]: Crushed to death when the ship's anchor-chain is dropped into the locker, after Richard Dix locks Lawrence inside.
  • Dillinger (1945) [John Dillinger]: Shot to death by FBI agents outside a theater. (I haven't seen this movie myself, so I don't know whether it actually depicts Dillinger's death or not.)
  • The Devil Thumbs a Ride (1947) [Steve Morgan]: Shot to death by the police while he was driving.
  • Born to Kill (1947) [Sam Wilde]: Shot to death by police after he kills Claire Trevor.
  • Bushwackers (1952) [Sam Tobin]: Shot in the chest by the mortally-wounded William Homes, after Lawrence wounds John Ireland.

TV Deaths[]

Notable Relatives[]

Brother of Scott Brady.