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Lawrence Tierney

Lawrence Tierney in Reservoir Dogs

Lawrence Tierney (1919 - 2002)

Film Deaths[]

  • The Ghost Ship (1943) [Seaman Louie Parker]: Crushed to death when the ship's anchor-chain is dropped into the locker, after Richard Dix locks Lawrence inside.
  • Dillinger (1945) [John Dillinger]: Still alive the final minutes of the film, he has just left a movie theater with Anne Jeffreys, she says she is gonna go to a store and as he is fixing his hair he notices FBI agents. He draws his gun but misses a shot and is wounded, he rushes into a alley where he is shot multiple times.
  • The Devil Thumbs a Ride (1947) [Steve Morgan]: Shot to death by the police while he was driving.
  • Born to Kill (1947) [Sam Wilde]: Shot to death by police after he kills Claire Trevor.
  • The Hoodlum (1951) [Vincent Lubeck]: Shot to death by Stuart Randall at the City Dump while he was getting away as a hoodlum to escape in the pile of garbage.
  • Bushwackers (1952) [Sam Tobin]: Shot in the chest by the mortally-wounded William Homes, after Lawrence wounds John Ireland.
  • Midnight (1982) [Bert Johnson]: Stabbed by Robin Walsh
  • Silver Bullet (1985) [Owen Knopfler]: Mauled to death by the werewolf (Everett McGill).
  • Murphy's Law (1986) [Cameron]: Shot in the mouth by Carrie Snodgress in the park, after he gives her the information she hired him to find.
  • Reservoir Dogs (1992) [Joe Cabot]: Shot in the chest, along with his son (Chris Penn), by Harvey Keitel during a stand-off in the warehouse.

TV Deaths[]

Notable Connections[]

Brother of Scott Brady