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Laurence Fox in The Hole.

Laurence Fox (1978-).

Film Deaths[]

  • The Hole (2001) [Geoff Bingham]: Head bashed repeatedly against the concrete floor by Desmond Harrington (after Desmond discovers Fox has been hoarding drinks). His murder is seen in flashback while his body is later seen as police examine him in the morgue.
  • Deathwatch (2002) [Capt. Bramwell Jennings]: Grabbed by the neck, beaten in the face four times and stabbed to death with a knife by Andy Serkis (he later appears as a ghost along with all the other slain squad members to Jamie Bell)
  • The Last Drop (2005) [SS Maj. Klaus Kessler]: Killed in an explosion/crushed to death by falling rocks along with Steve Speirs, when a dying Tommy Flanagan falls on a detonator setting off a bomb (while Steve and Fox are trapped in a subterranean tunnel with all the remaining stolen artworks)
  • W.E. (2011) [Bertie]: Dies of coronary thrombosis (off-screen) during the passage of time between the 1930s and 2001. His death is not mentioned, but is a matter of historic record.

Tv Deaths[]

  • Jericho: The Killing of Johnny Swan (2005) [Peter Bridgewater]: Beaten to death by William Ash. His body is shown at the scene when Robert Lindsay investigates and later in a flashback to the murder at the end of the episode.