Laurence Fishburne in Bad Company

Laurence Fishburne (1961 -)

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Apocalypse Now (1979) [Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Tyrone 'Mr. Clean' Miller]: Shot when the natives fire on the boat, he then dies of his wound. (Thanks to Robert)
  • Death Wish II (1982) [Cutter, the Mugger]: Shot to death (with a shot to the head exploding his boombox in the process) by Charles Bronson in the park at night. (Thanks to Robert)
  • King of New York (1990) [Jimmy Jump]: Shot in the head by David Caruso, after having been shot in the stomach by David a few minutes earlier; after Wesley Snipes dies from Laurence's shots, David finishes Laurence off rather than take him into custody.
  • Othello (1995) [Othello]: Commits suicide by stabbing himself. (I haven't seen this version, but I'm familiar with the story.) (Thanks to Robert)
  • Event Horizon (1997) [Captain Miller]: Commits suicide/sacrifices himself by blowing up part of the spaceship while he's inside during a struggle with Sam Neill. (Thanks to Michael)
  • Tortured (Video, 2008) [Archie Green]: Shot to death when Cole Hauser shoots his gun through the already deceased James Cromwell's body after Fishburne has shot and killed Cromwell.
  • Predators (2010) [Ronald Noland]: Shot after being cornered in the subterranean tunnels by one of the predators causing him to explode.

TV Deaths Edit

  • TBA

Video Game DeathsEdit

  • The Matrix Online (2005) [Morpheus]: Shot to death by a fly-based Assassin.

Notable ConnectionsEdit

  • Father of Langston Fishburne and Montana Fishburne
  • Ex-Mr. Hajno O. Moss
  • Ex-Mr. Gina Torres


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