Laura Vandervoort (1984 - )

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Laura Vandervoort in Jigsaw

Film Deaths

  • Jigsaw (2017) [Anna]: Accidentally shot to death by a reversed shotgun keys, as Paul Braunstein looks on horror as he realises that there's no escape, her rotten corpse along with Paul's appeared at the end of the film as are revealed those games happened 10 years before the Current Jigsaw Games.

TV Deaths

  • Supergirl: Better Angels (2016) [Indigo]: Ripped in half at the waist by David Harewood while in his Martian true form at the end of a fight. She appears to have deceased while talking to David and Melissa Benoist but the nature of her being makes it hard to tell if she could be brought back. (Laura is wearing heavy alien make-up for this role).
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